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Interview Questions – Parents (2015-2017)

These interviews of parents took a more narrative and life history approach; less ‘question and answer’ and more a series of extended responses to a few key questions in comparison to the students’ interviews.


  • Can you tell me a little bit about yourself; your family; the work you do; where you live?

Schooling & education

  • What led you to this job? How did you get here?
    • What about your schooling? Where did you go to school? What was it like?
    • What subjects or other things about schools were most important to you?
    • What do you remember most from your time at school?
    • What sort of things do you think your school valued most?
    • What did you do immediately after finishing school?
  • What ideas and values do you think you took away from your school, or stayed with you after leaving school?
  • In another life, what would you have changed about your school and your education?
  • What did your own parents think about your schooling – what did they value and what did they want your future to be like?
  • What have been some of the main influences on the work you do or wanted to do?

Social, gender & political issues

  • What do you see as some of the important social or political issues facing young people now?
  • Current examples – link to examples raised with students
  • Do you recall much about how boys and girls interacted when you were at school; for example, experiences of any gender-based differences in expectations within your family or at school?
  • How do you see gender relations or gender differences today, in your life, in your child’s life and compared to when you were growing up?

Future hopes & plans

  • When you were younger and at school, can you remember what you wanted to do when you left school and what you hoped for your own future?
  • What are you hoping for your son or daughter to be doing in the coming years – next year and the year after at school?
    • What makes a good life for you, and for others?
    • What do you want a good life to look like for your son/daughter?