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Interview Questions

Interviews began in March 2015 at Collingwood College, followed by the second school in September. The questions were used as guides, supplemented by the creation a timeline of important events in students’ and parents’ lives.

Where questions or prompts led to other ideas or thoughts, these were further explored, sometimes opening up new topics or ones that were not initially anticipated. As part of the cumulative and evolving nature of the research, between the rounds of interviews, some questions were refined or included different examples as prompts; for example, between the first set of students interviews at Collingwood, and subsequent interviews at the other two schools. This reflected a clearer sense of which way of framing questions were working (or not), as well as being responsive to current topical social and political issues.

Questions and prompts can be found as follows:

Interview Questions for Students – Round 1, 2015

Interview Questions for Students – Round 2, 2016

Interview Questions for Students – Round 3, 2017

Interview Questions for Parents